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Aiptek Hd Dv 1080p Camcorder Review

Aiptek Hd Dv 1080p Camcorder Review

aiptek hd dv 1080p camcorder review


Aiptek Hd Dv 1080p Camcorder Review >>>





















































Aiptek Hd Dv 1080p Camcorder Review



As is, they just include a very basic micThat's not as high as needed if you intend on uploading to the internetOh yeah, one other thing, it records in .MOV format- The 1080p30 mode seems to have a narrower field of viewLimited usability at night2Overall an excellent video camera, tiny size is ideal for camping, vacations, and for use by kids


Yes, I agree the Jazz HD clips are a disaster; but that's the beauty of this forumSony3Seems a shame to watch high quality video on a large flatscreen TV only to have mono sound! Apr 23, 2008, 1:21 PM #6 sfritzinger Member Join Date: Apr 2008 Posts: 46 rgvcam, I'd have to agree but it is hard to imagine someone coming out with it at this priceAlso, about 1 hr of video (either av in or 1080p) equals about 1 GB, so if you plan on doing lots of recording, be prepared with an external harddriveCon's Still images are lacking the details that cameras of $$ would produce129.00 FREE SHIPPING Bell+howell Dv30hd-p 20.0-megapixel 1080p Dv30hd Fun-flix Slim Camcorder (purple) The 20.0 Megapixel 1080p DV30HD Fun-Flix Slim Camcorder (Purple) from Bell+Howell is perfect for any occasion


It comes with a mini-tripod, and it even comes with a remote control which I absolutely lovedIt is already very obvious that there is a demand for this camcorder ( was sold out for a long time and in-store stock is sparse)I agree with above mentioned reviews that while the video in low light is not fantastic, it is certainly better than the majority of units I have purchased in the same price rangeView Mobile SiteThere's no pick-up shoe for an additional LED light or and external microphone, so be warned if you're into that


Thanks a lot! sfritzinger, could you please upload anoutdoor videosample with a grass and slow panoraming? In my experience, this kind of footage is hard for compression and good for making decision about camera's videoqualityOnce you've figured out its kinks, though, it's fairly easy to use.DesignThe camera is extremely compactIt's ten times cheaper to trade this camera in and get another one instead rather than buying new software, so for those into professional editing, this camera isn't for youRelated Deals You Might LikeThen there's the fact that the user's guide included with this leaves somewhat to be desiredInstall the decoders that come on the CD or ffdshow to play back the Action HD videos in Windows Media Player for better resultsTo be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect from such a low-cost camcorder considering my past experiences with camcorders costing much more


2017 Steve’s Digicams, All Rights Reserved About Us Advertising Privacy Cookie Policy Terms Disclaimer Write For Us! Steve’s Digicams is part of the Internet Brands Family Not that the Aiptek is anywhere near 720p60fps Apr 23, 2008, 2:39 PM #9 Private Idaho Senior Member Join Date: Dec 2007 Posts: 1,153 His review was so good, I decided to buy an Aiptek Action HD during the noon hourLight Camera3/16/2009Average rating: 3out of 5 stars3/16/2009by msalazarThe Reason I purchase this camera was because of the HD Video Capturing CapabilityBtry pack without option to use AAA or AA instead Apr 23, 2008, 2:10 PM #8 drd403 Junior Member Join Date: Oct 2005 Posts: 24 Excellent review! Even in details (like thesamples self-explanatoryfile names) everything is nice and preciseSaves images to SD card, can use SDHC format too182.65 FREE SHIPPING Bell+howell Dv12hdz-bk 16.0-megapixel Cinema Dv12hdz 1080p Digital Camcorder (black) The Bell+Howell DV12HDZ records videos at 1080p full HD, and features 16MP resolution for still picturesPlayed back on my (standard) TV, this is as good image quality as the local stations provide in news stories.maybe better

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